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*New* Body Waves for Rhythmic Gymnastics

Course Description

This course provides coaches and judges with a thorough overview of body waves from the perspectives of both teaching and evaluation. The course walks step by step through front body waves, back body waves, and side body waves, breaking down the requirements for each type of wave to be valid and providing a quiz at the end of each unit to check learning and give immediate feedback on understanding. There is also a section on partial body waves and a section with extensive example exercises and teaching tips. The example exercises and teaching tips will guide coaches in how to develop proper body wave technique in their gymnasts. Throughout the course, expertise from multiple clinicians from around the world is included to give a well-rounded perspective on body waves for rhythmic gymnastics

2019 USA Gymnastics Championship Qualifiers

Level 7

Anna Tang (NER)

Kyra Sidon (ERG)

Nadia Turovskiy (FET)

Lauren Cao (RHD)

Jodie Chen (NER)

Aleksia Khilkevic (ISA)

Level 8

Kaylee Forest (ERG)

Jessica Kim (RHD)

Ksenia Pototski (MPNYC)

Milana Abayeva (ISA)

Alice Weinstein (ISA)

2019 USA Gymnastics Championships Elite qualifiers: 

juniors:   Gemma Gow (RHD)

                 Mya Tam (RHD)

                 Isabella Pappas (RSGA)

                 Camiah Kuno (ERG)

Seniors:  Liz Kapitonova (ISA)

                  Julia Naishuler (ISA)

Level 10 qualifiers:

juniors:   Ava Khlopin (ISA)

                   Lize Pildegovica (ISA)

Seniors:   Nicole Yatskar (ISA)

                  Hannah Lai (RHD)

                  Baifan Zhao (NER)

                  Jessica Tian (NER)

Level 9 qualifiers:

juniors:   Jodie Liang (ERG)

                 Maya Weinstein (ISA)

                 Lisa Gerasimova (ISA

                 Liza Odikadze (MGRA)

                 Sofia Furer (ISA)

                 Mia Bukatar (ERG)

                 Anna Struck (GRR)

                 Gabby Fuki (ISA)

                 Jacqueline Karlov (ISA)

                 Leah Gressel (RSGA)

                 Polina Mosharova (ERG)

                 Zoe Anderson (RHD)

                 Sanita Prymost (MPNYC)

                 Ashley Wang (RHD)

                 Claire Kuno (ERG)

                 Nicole Shevchukevych (ISA)

                 Sophia Jiang (ERG)

Seniors:  Asca Akiyama (ERG)

                 Aileen Atkin (MPNYC)

                 Alexandra Liang (NER)

Level 9 Elite Qualifiers

Gemma Gow (RHD)

Ava Khlopin (ISA)

Camiah Kuno (ERG)

Jodie Liang (ERG)

Maya Weinstein (ISA)

Lisa Gerasimova (ISA)

Lize Pildegovica (ISA)

Liza Odikadze (MGRA)

Camille Maldonado (MAN)

Sophia Furer (ISA)

Mia Bukatar (ERG)

Anna Struk (GRR)

Hannah Lai (RHD)

Aileen Atkin (MPNYC)

Asca Akiyama (ERG)

Alexandra Liang (NER)

2019 Regional Teams

Level 9 JR

Gemma Gow (RHD)

Ava Khlopin (ISA)

Claire Kuno (ERG)

Jodie Liang (ERG)

Maya Weinstein (ISA)

Lisa Gerasimova (ISA)

Level 9 SR

Hannah Lai (RHD)

Aileen Atkin (MPNYC)

Asca Akiyama (ERG)

2019 Regional Teams

Level 6

Julia Ervin (GRR)

Ruthie Kronmiller (RSGA)

Victoria Borskiy (FET)

Juliet Dong (RSGA)

Victoria Davranova (GRR)

Renee Lubomirski (NER)

Corina Loomis (BRWT)

Nicole Zaripova (ISA)

Giselle Vikomir (FET)

Alina Isaeva (GRR)

Ilana Tassev (MAN)

Emma Margolin (DYN)

Nina Starodubtseva (GRR)

Vanessa Anderson (NER)

Daniella Gurevich (GRR)

Aliyah Borskiy (FET)

Sarah Zhang (NER)

Michelle Wang (FET)

Kaylen Chen (RHD)

Angelika Glogov (MAN)

All Stars

Sofia Basilio  (ERG)

Sophia Uchytel (ISA)

Ariana Akatev (DYN)

Michelle Faynstein (RHD)

Julia Lipkovich (GRR)

Mia D'Souza (RHD)

Dana Gendel (GRR)

Level 7

Lauren Cao (RD)

Nadia Turovskiy (FET)

Aleksia Khilkevich (ISA)

Kyra Sidon (ERG)

Sophia Piltser (ISA)

Anna Tang (NER)

Abigail Klimovich (CTR)

Anastasia Dubinkina (ISA)

Jodie Chen (NER)

Deven Tam (RD)

Michelle Belakh (ISA)

Christina Tatarchuk (ISA)

Victoria Vozvyshayeva (CTR)

Kaitlyn Kao (ERG)

Level 8

Jessica Kim (RD)

Cordelia Loomis (RD)

Milana Abayeva (ISA)

Alice Weinstein (ISA)

Emma Bukatar (ERG)

Kaylee Forest (ERG)

Chloe Lee (RD)

Ksenia Pototski (MAT)

Marina Perevozchikova (CTR)

Caterina Miotto (NER)

Elena Klimashova (RSGA)

Isabella Lee (MGRA)

Zlata Kogan (ISA)

Jessie Ma (NER)


JO Course & Exam Update:


Due to the importance of group to the USA rhythmic program in the coming years, the Rhythmic program has added Int/Adv group in November along with the other components of the JO course and exam.


To stay consistent with the previous testing this cycle, the group exams will be compulsory for all judges taking the L3-6 and L7/8 exams. One grade will be given to each participant for Level 3-6 and Beginner group combined. Two separate grades will be given for Level 7/8 and Int/Adv group.


What does this mean for you?

  • Exam participants: be sure to prepare for both group and individual.

  • Current judges: There will be a possibility to re-test for Int/Adv group in Indianapolis on November 16th.

  • All coaches/judges: Additional group material will be available as part of the online JO Course.


Updated course/exam directives for the JO levels are available here:


2018 USA Gymnastics Championships qualifiers:   

 Juniors: Elizabeth Kapitonova (ISA) 

                  Mya Tam (RD)

                  Julia Naishuler (ISA)

                 Isabella Pappas (RSGA)                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                  Seniors: Nicole Yatskar (ISA)


Level 10 qualifiers

 Seniors: Baifan Zhou (NER)

                  Jessica Tian (NER)


2018 Regional Team

Level 7 Team                                                      

Melanie Novikov (GOR)

Zoe Anderson  (RD)

Cordelia Loomis (NOR)

Emma Bukatar (ISA)

Claire Kang (RD)

Kaylee Forest (ISA)

Deya Gorodnitskiy (CTR)

Chloe Lee (RD)

Jessica Kim (RD)


Level 8 Team

Gemma Gow (RD)

Camiah Kuno (ISA)

Mia Bukatar (ISA)

Ashley Wang (RD)

Maya Weinstein (ISA)

Sophia Furer (ISA)

Jacqueline Karlov (ISA)

Christina Eldamaa (RSGA)

Loraine Perez (MGRA)


Level 9 Team JR

Amy Shneyderman  (ISA)

Emily Wilson (MPNY)

Gabby Fuki (ISA)

Lisa Gerasimova (ISA)

Jodie Liang (ISA)

Renata Badalova (MPNY)


Level 9 Team SR

Baifan Zhou (NER) 

 Jessica Tian (NER)

Asca Akiyama (ISA)*


* Changes to Level 9 Regional Team are due largely to qualification of team members to Elite Championships.



Dear Rhythmic Pro Members,

U110: Safe Sport 

All Professional and Instructor members 18 years of age and older are required to have this course completed no later than July 31, 2018.    The course is free and is comprised of three separate 30-minute segments. Please allow approximately 90 minutes to complete all three segments.  All three segments must be completed in order to receive certification. Once completed the certification is valid for two years. To complete the course today, visit click on the My Profile link and then the U110 button.  

Do Not Delay – take the course today!

Let's Get this Done! It would be great if all members of Region 4 had this completed before our Regional Championship meets.


Warmest regards,




New Rhythmic Xcel Handbook


Updated documents for Rhythmic Xcel, including the Xcel Program Handbook and score forms for 2018 can be found here on the USA Gymnastics website:


JOUpdate Course

As we approach the 2017-2018 season, there will be a JO Updates presentation to explain all of the updates to the JO Program. This course will take place November 11-12. Registration for this online course (webinar) is required for all JO judges. Coaches are also encouraged to participate!

Coaches and Judges: Click the link below to register for the JO Updates course (and any applicable verification/exams). Note, there are multiple registrations available. The JO Updates Course/Webinar is titled “JO Judges/Coaches Updates, Online” in the registration. Please pay careful attention when registering for the L3-6 online verification vs. L3-6 live exams.


All current and prospective JO judges: Please click here and carefully read the full information regarding the course, exams, and verification for the upcoming season:


REGISTRATION DEADLINE for the JO Updates Course, L3-6 Verification, and JO Exams is November 6th, 2017.


Click Here to Register:


NEW Rhythmic Resources Page

A new rhythmic resources page has been added on the USA Gymnastics website:

 Direct link:

This page includes resources for coaches, judges, committee members, and parents. It will serve as a central location for resources that have been provided to the rhythmic gymnastics community. As additional content is made available publicly, it will be added to this page.


New membership requirements for Member Clubs, Professional, and Instructor members

There are new membership requirements for Member Clubs, Professional, and Instructor members! Be PROActive and take a look at the membership updates to be in good standing for the new season.



Rhythmic Xcel webinar

On September 6th at 1:00pm., USA Gymnastics will be hosting a Rhythmic Xcel webinar.

The webinar will introduce coaches and club owners to the Rhythmic Xcel program

The webinar will cover:

·         Mission and purpose of the Rhythmic Xcel Program

·         Benefits of participation in the Xcel Program

·         Brief overview of the composition of Xcel routines and how they are evaluated

·         Tips for starting a new program with Xcel competitors

·         Tips for adding an Xcel program to an established rhythmic club

·         Tips for hosting an Xcel competition


To register, please visit:



2017 USA Gymnastics Championships qualifiers:   

 Juniors: Elizabeth Kapitonova (ISA)

                  Julia Naishuler (ISA)

                  Mya Tam (RD)

                 Rebecca Tang (ISA)  

                 Isabella Pappas (RSGA)                                                                           


 Seniors: Ekatherina Kapitonova (ISA)

                 Serena Lu (ISA)

                 Erica Wu (RSGA) 



Level 10 qualifiers

 Juniors: Taya Podvorchan (ISA)

 Seniors: Jennifer Ayzman (ISA)

                 Sherry Jiang (ISA)


2017 Regional Team

Level 7 Team                                                                  

Gemma Gow  (RD)

Loraine Perez  (RSGA)

Sophia Furer (ISA)

Leah Gressel (RSGA)

Allison Lucks (ISA)

Maya Weinstein (ISA)

Mia Bukata (ISA)

Erika Torok (RSGA)

Ashley Wang (RD)

Level 8 Team

Dominika Shkoruta (ISA)

Liza Odikadze (RD)

 Jodie Liang (ISA)

Sophia Jiang (ISA)

Alexandra Liang (NER)

Jessica Tian (NER)

Claire Kuno (ISA)

Alexa Krayzelburg (ISA)

Aileen Atkin (GOR)

Level 9 Team JR

Lisa Gerasimova  (ISA)

Emily Wilson (MAT)

Baifan Zhou (NER)

Renata Badalova (MAT)

Amy Shneyderman (ISA)

Jasmine Wong  (RD)

Level 9 Team SR

Sherry Jiang (ISA) 

Asca Akiyama (ISA)  

Anissa Sroka (NER)

Changes to Level 9 Regional Team are due largely to qualification of team

members to Elite Championships.


National Gymnastics Day

2017 National Gymnastics Day is September 16! Celebrate our sport across the state and region by posting National Gymnastics Day information on your website.

Visit for more information. 


USA Gymnastics is committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all members. The USA Gymnastics Safe Sport program provides educational resources for parents, coaches, judges, clubs and athletes to promote a safe environment for children.  Visit for more information.
National and Regional Congress

The 2017 National Congress and Trade Show is in Anaheim, Calif. August 17-19. 

Register today at

Build for Tomorrow at one of the 2017 Regional Congresses! Register today


2017-2020 Code of Points Webinar

On Wednesday, November 2 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET, the Rhythmic Program Director will host a webinar for interested Level 9-10 coaches, and any other interested US professional members, reviewing the 2017-2020 Code of Points (Individual program) relevant to the routine construction and training period now. 

For more information on registration for this webinar, please contact


Rhythmic J.O. Judging Course
The first weekend of our Rhythmic Junior Olympic Judges Course was a success with participation from 160 coaches and judges from across the country. Presenter, Elena Savenkova, covered generalities, body difficulties, technical execution faults, and the Junior Olympic Group program. For the first time during a JO Course, prospective judges were provided with an extensive session of practice judging in preparation for the judging exams November 13th. 

The course will continue November 5th and 6th with a focus on rhythmic steps, validating body difficulties, apparatus combinations (AC), R, Artistic Execution faults, specifics of the level 7/8 program, and a session of level 7/8 practice judging. 

Registration has been reopened at $50 for any interested coaches or judges who missed the first weekend. Visit the Y302 course page for additional information.

Dear Region 4 Coaches,

The upcoming 2017 season will be fast and furious! 

  • To help improve our program Region 4 purchased a rhythmic carpet from the Elite Championships which is housed at the OTC for our events.

  • The RAC committee met in Sept. and updated the R&P for the new cycle, this should be approved and posted soon.

  • The JO judges and coaches course will happen online starting the weekend of Oct. 29-30 and Nov 4-5. I encourage coaches to sit in on these webinars to get up to date changes. Registration is required and can be done using this link:Rhythmic Junior Olympic Judges Course- Y302


  • We have confirmed the following dates:


Feb 24-25                    NY State Championship for Levels 4-6 & Beg/Int Groups (NY,NY)

March 17-19                NY State Championship for Levels 7-10 & Adv/FIG Groups (Syracuse,NY)

March 31-April 2          MA & NJ State Championship all levels (Norton, MA)

April 14-16                   R4 Regional Championship Levels 4-6 & Beg/Int Groups (OTC, Lake Placid NY)

May 12-14                   R4 & R5 Regional Championships Levels 7-10 & Adv/FIG Groups (OTC Lake Placid NY)

All event information will be posted to the Rhythmic Calendar and registration information will be coming  soon. Please contact me if you have questions regarding the regional meets.

I wish everyone a great pre-season of training!

Warmest regards,

Suzi DiTullio
USA Gymnastics, Regions 4 & 5 Regional Rhythmic Chair
USA Gymnastics, R.R.A.C, National Chair
USA Gymnastics, Advisory Council Member
10.0 Academy of Gymnastics, Executive Director
cell 978-793-1935     office 978-897-8184


Registration for the JO Judges Course and Exams is now open

Course Description

Educational Online course
Live Judging Exams 

Y302 is an online educational course open to all rhythmic coaches and judges via webinar. Course dates will be October 29th, October 30th, November 5th, and November 6th, 2016. Unique material will be presented during each session. Prospective level 3-6 judges are required to participate for the full duration October 29th and October 30th. Prospective level 7/8 judges are required to participate for the full duration on all four course dates. 
Live exams for level 3-6 and level 7/8 judge certification will be held on November 13th in six cities across the country: Chicago, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Jose, and Seattle. 



2016 Rhythmic Open Camp. Online Registration is now OPEN! 

Full information can be found at:  

This will be a fantastic opportunity for all gymnasts and coaches to attend a national camp. 









Happy National Gymnastics Day - Let us see your celebration and join the Show Off Your Skills Challenge! More info at



New Cycle Judging Course and Test Information

Dear Region 4 & 5 Pro members,

Attached please find the Rhythmic Judges Certification Information for the upcoming course and testing.

As always this course is open to all professional members and interested persons. 
I encourage you to reach out to your former and current athletes who meet the age requirement of 16 yrs old. to get involved and take the judging course. We have a huge need to increase our judging community so we will be able to staff the many competitions throughout the country over the next four years.

If anyone has questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Warmest regards,

Suzi DiTullio
USA Gymnastics, Regions 4 & 5 Regional Rhythmic Chair
USA Gymnastics, R.R.A.C, National Chair
USA Gymnastics, Advisory Council Member
10.0 Academy of Gymnastics, Executive Director
cell 978-793-1935     office 978-897-8184


2016 USA Gymnastics Championships qualifiers:   


 Juniors: Elizabeth Kapitonova (ISA)

                  Taya Podvorchan (ISA)

                 Rebecca Tang (ISA)                                                                                 




 Seniors: Heather Chan (ISA)

                 Ekatherina Kapitonova (ISA)

                 Yekaterina Ronin (MAT)

                 *Serena Lu (ISA)





*qualified based on  participation in international assignments earlier this year.




2016 Regional Team


Level 7 Team                                                                   All Stars

Isabella Pappas (NESA)                                                Daniella Krayzelburg (ISA)

Sophia Jiang (ISA)                                                           Isabel Xue (RD)

Dominika Shkoruta (ISA)                                             Vanessa Yu (NER)

Liza Odikadze (RD)                                                        Veronica Obando (GOR)

Claire Kuno (ISA)

Christina Eldamaa (NESA)

Alina Shkurikhina (FET)

Jessica Tian (NER)


Level 8 Team                                                                     All Stars

Lisa Gerasimova (ISA)                                                    Baifan Zhou (NER)

Anissa Sroka  (NER)                                                        Amy Shneyderman (ISA)

Mya Tam (RD)                                                                   Iris Hune​r (GOR)

Ilana Kelesidi (GOR)                                                        Natalia Tam (RD)

Alicia Akiyama (ISA)

Frances Kestel (ISA)

Juliet Jiang (NER) 

Karyna Mayasova (FET) 



Level 9 Team JR                                                               Level 9 Team SR

Julia Naishuler (GOR)                                                    Sherry Jiang (ISA)

Jennifer Ayzman (ISA)                                                   Erica Wu (NESA)

Taya Podvorchan (ISA)                                                  Veronika Kobrinsky (GOR)

Sofia Chudskey (ISA)                                                      Anya Gavronsky (NESA)

Lada Mazur (GOR)

Gabby Fuki (ISA)

Ivanna Druzhinsky (MAT)
















Take time to log on and view 

"A Perfect Score for Prevention"

webinar presented by Cindy McElhinney from

Darkness to light, a child advocacy organization. 


April 6, 2016 1:00pm

Click here to register!

Links: Webinar registration


           System requirements



Dear Rhythmic Coaches and Club Owners,

The new Rhythmic Xpress Rules are attached here. Please take the time to look it over, it might be your next big program! Offering flexible rules and both group and individual competition options.

This program can serve your recreational and special athletes. It's structure is similar to the women's Xcel Program. Rhythmic Xpress was created to allow athletes another option for training and competition at the grass roots level.
This program will have it's final Championship meet in conjunction with the Open Championships in May. We encourage all clubs to offer Xpress competitions at all sanctioned JO program meets. Let's GO, Let's GROW!
I look forward to seeing everyone in the new season!



USA Rhythmic Xpress 


HUGS (RG)        Platinum      Gold       Silver      Bronze      Group






DEADLINE: Friday, October 16th 


Dear Coaches,
This is your opportunity to help us secure a great competition site with your 
OPEN Championship Pre-registration numbers and correctly tally the ALL STAR spots for JO Championships.

I need you to respond to this email by Friday, October 16th.
I will need your current athlete head count in ALL LEVELS & Groups. 
For Levels 4-6 & Beginner Groups I will also need your team roster numbers of those athletes who will be attending the Open Championships 2016.  (tentatively Daytona Beach, FL) We would like to avoid the wait list problems of the past.  Your final OPEN roster will be due: Dec 15th 2015

NOTE: Any club who has not sent their pre-registration numbers for OPEN will only be allowed on the wait list.  

(COPY AND PASTE THE BELOW IN RETURN EMAIL or use attached excel file)


DEADLINE: Friday, October 16th        
CLUB NAME:        
Beginner Groups        
8                                                X
9                                                X
10                                              X       
Intermediate Groups        
 Advanced Groups      






2015 National Judges Course (Levels 9-10)
Nov. 1-5, 2015 - Indianapolis, Ind


Course Fee $535 - Pay online

Audit Fee $268 - If you are only auditing the course, please contact Stephanie Marron for registration. 317.829.5662

Payment DeadlineOctober 9th


Course info



Mark your calendar for the 17th annual National Gymnastics Day on Saturday, September 19th, 2015.


All gymnasts, coaches, gymnastics schools and fans are invited to celebrate the sport of gymnastics


On National Gymnastics Day, share a photo of your best salute on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tag it with #NGD2015






Here are our Region 4 Dates: 


February 20-21     NY State Meet Levels 3-5         NY,NY


February 26-28     Rhythmic Stars Invitational        MA


March 18-20         NY State Meet Levels 6-10       Syracuse, NY


April 1-3                MA State Meet Levels 3-10       MA


April 15-17            R4 Championships Levels 4-5

                             & Beginner Group                     TBA


April 29-May 1      R4 Championships Levels 6-10

                             & Int/Adv GroupsOTC                Lake Placid, NY




2015  USA Gymnastics Championships qualifiers:


Hopes: Elizabeth Kapitonova (ISA)                                                   Juniors: Ekatherina Kapitonova (ISA)

              Rebecca Tang (ISA)                                                                                 Nikita Tang (ISA)

                                                                                                                                   Yekaterina Ronin  (MAT)

                                                                                                                                    Amanda Wang (RD)


Seniors: Heather Chan (ISA)

                 Anya Zhang (RD)

                *Serena Lu (ISA)





*qualified based on  participation in international assignments earlier this year.







                                        2015 Regional Teams


Level 7 Team                                                                    All Stars

Juliet Jiang  (NOE )                                                          Lisa Gerasimova (ISA)

Baifan Zhou (NOE)                                                          Nataly Dubovskaya (ISA)

Polina Mosharova (ISA)                                                 Sophia Jiang (ISA)

Anissa Sroka (NOE) 

Karyna Mayasova (FET)

Alicia Akiyama (ISA)

Claire Kuno (ISA)

Ilana Kelesidi (GOR)


Level 8 Team                                                                     All Stars

Samantha Lee (NOE)                                                       Alice Kosterin (RD)

Keiko Mitsui  (ISA)                                                            Lada Mazur (GOR)

Emily Wilson (MAT)

Gabriella Fuki (ISA)

Vanessa Wong (NESA)

Julia Naishuler (ISA) 

Sherry Jiang (ISA) 

Angie Zhu (RD)


Level 9 Team JR                                                               Level 9 Team SR

Ani Akopian (NESA)                                                        Amanda Dai (RD)

Rebecca Tang (ISA)                                                         Melissa Wong (NESA)

Amanda Wang (RD)

Jasmine Wong (RD)

Anastasia Nesterenko (MAT)

Erica Wu (NESA)




Dear Coaches,


 You have the option to use the USA Gymnastics member services website to submit your regional meet      entries. 


 Please feel free to use this method of entry. 


Choice of online or mail-­‐in registration.


Online registration:

·              Visit

·              Click on "Member Services"

·              Click on "Sanctions" in the far left list

·              Click on "Current Sanctions"

·              Select "Regional Meet" under [Type], select "MA" under [State] and select "Rhythmic "                                      under [Program]

·              Click "Search"

·              Select this competition from list of events

·              Enter all coaches and athletes that will attend the meet. 





 Dear Coaches and Member Clubs,

 This is an official call for bids to host the 2015 Open Championships. Levels 4,5,6 & Beg  Groups.
 Attached are Open Championship bid information. If your club is seriously interested in this event. 
 You have until Dec. 8th to submit a signed bid. We are extending the deadline because it was  discovered that an official announcement from each Regional Chair had not been executed.
 Thank you for your understanding.



 PS: Currently Yaga's RG Academy, IL has a very strong bid pending.


 Suzi DiTullio


 Bid Info             Bid Program            Bid Form








Dear Region IV Pro members,


I am resending this information to be sure JO judging course participants have the updated versions required for

the course.



We are pleased to inform you that the RG Code of Points 2013-2016 has been updated following modifications 

that have been made by the RG TC and published on the FIG website on July 1st, 2014.


All versions (English, Russian, Spanish, German and French) of this new Code of points named:


RG CoP 2013 – 2016 (valid from 1st January 2015) with marks (= with visible modifications highlighted in red)


RG CoP 2013 – 2016 (valid from 1st January 2015) (= a “clean” version)


as well as the new:


RG Symbols Tables 2015 (Valid from 01.01.2015) (English only)


Difficulty, Execution Penalty and Coordinator Penalty Judges’ Forms (English only)


can be found here to be downloaded.


A presentation with videos illustrating these modifications will be available very soon.

As the clarifications mentioned in the Help Desks dated March and May 2014 have been integrated into the new version of the CoP, these two documents have been removed from the FIG website.


Suzi DiTullio
USA Gymnastics, Region IV Rhythmic Chair
USA Gymnastics, RAC Committee Chair
10.0 Academy of Gymnastics, Executive Director
cell 978-793-1935
office 978-897-8184





Dear USA Gymnastics Region IV pro-members,



Below is the email from Caroline Hunt related to the Rhythmic Gymnastics Judges Courses scheduled for November.
There will be two test sites available to members of our region. One in NJ (R5) and one in MA (R4). If you plan to
take the course and test, please make sure your pro-membership is up to date including your Safety course certification and
Background Check. I will forward the test site information as soon as the time frame has been established.
If you have any questions please contact me at your convenience. 


Suzi DiTullio
USA Gymnastics, Region IV Rhythmic Chair
USA Gymnastics, RAC Committee Chair




Judge Test Registration Information






Dear Region 4 Coaches and Judges,

I am writing to gather info on interest in testing into the judging ranks.

Please return your reply by Thursday, Oct. 23rd before 9pm so I can relay the info by the deadline of Friday, Oct. 24th.



Please provide the following information with your full name and USAG pro #:


1.      Are you interested in becoming a new Level 3-6 judge and are you interested in taking an            exam next month?


2.      Are you a current Level 3-6 judge (all requirements fulfilled) and would like to test for                    Level 7-8next month?


Suzi DiTullio
USA Gymnastics, Region IV Rhythmic Chair
USA Gymnastics, RAC Committee Chair
10.0 Academy of Gymnastics, Executive Director
cell 978-793-1935
office 978-897-8184



Dear Region 4 Coaches/Judges and USA Gymnastics Regional Chairs,

Region 4 has secured the dates and sites for the 2015 Regional Championships.

  • May 2-3 - Level 4-6 and Beg Groups Regional Championships 2015 (Level 3 Invitational), Shady Hill School, Cambridge MA

  • May 15-17- Level 7-10 and  Int/Adv Groups Regional Championships 2015, OTC- Lake Placid, NY

The OTC event will have the option to arrive up to 3 days early to train prior to the regional meet. This event will beopen to additional athletes from out of region as space allows.


Suzi DiTullio
USA Gymnastics, Region IV Rhythmic Chair



2014  USA Gymnastics Championships qualifiers:


Juniors: Ekatherina Kapitonova  (ISA)                Seniors: Rebecca Sereda (ISA) 

              Nikita Tang (ISA)                                                         Cindy Lu (ISA)

              Yekaterina Ronin (MAT)                                           Ronit Shamuilov (ISA)

                                                                                                      Serena Lu (ISA)

                                                                                                      Anya Zhang (RD)

                                                                                                             Regina Yu (NESA)

Level 10: Samantha Sterin (GOR)  



2014 Regional Team:


Level 7                                                                                                    All Stars                                        

Jasmine Wong (RD)                                                                               Nicole Yatskar  (MAT)

Keiko Mitsui (ISA)                                                                                  Valerie Zigalo (GOR)

Lada Mazur (GOR)                                                                                 Angie Zhu (RD)

Emily Wilson (MAT)                                                                                Gabriella Fuki (ISA)         

Samantha Lee (NOE)                                                                             Antara Adhav (NESA)    

Julia Naishuler (ISA)

Vanessa Wong (NESA)

Veronika Kobrinsky (GOR)



Level 8                                                                                                    All Stars

Amanda Wang (RD)                                                                                Katherine Chapkis (ISA)

Elizabeth Kapitonova (ISA)                                                                   Karen Xu (RD)

Rebecca Tang (ISA)                                                                               Anya Gavronsky (NESA)

Rheya Shano (NESA)                                                                             Karen Chen (RD)

Ani Akopian (NESA)                                                                               Anastasia Poverin (ISA)

Ivanna Druzhinsky (MAT)

Taya Podvorchan (ISA)

Sofia Chudsky (ISA)



Level 9 Junior                                                                                       Level 9 Senior

Yekaterina Ronin (MAT)                                                                       Gabrielle Ostrometsky (MAT)

Samantha Sterin (GOR)                                                                        Amanda Dai (RD)

Allison Goldenstein (MAT)                                                                   Gabriella Oken (ISA)

Lillian Yang (ISA)

Alexandra Vool (MAT)

Jennifer Ayzman (ISA)






J.O. Technical Update - Dec. 12, 2013



  1. The November 2013 FIG Help Desk indicates that score forms must be done on computer for official championships. In the US, Levels 9-10 follow the official FIG Code of Points.
    Only Level 9-10 score forms will be required on computer for Championship events (State, Regional, JO, NQ, Nationals). Thus, not required for Levels 7-8.

  2. JO Skirts:

    1. As per the rules, "The skirt must be fitted to the hips"—it is not possible to review by email individual skirts. Please use discretion for your own gymnasts. The intention is avoiding "puffy" skirts—which do not fit closely to the hips—to avoid a 'costume' look.


  3. JO: Level 6 ribbon confusion: Coaches have inquired based on their interpretation of the JO Handbook, Level 6 apparatus: All JO Courses have been taught the same way this cycle:

    Level 6 Apparatus (ribbon or otherwise):

    • 8 technical groups, all of which are different (throw not required but is possible!)

      • Medium throw with criteria

      • Catch from Medium throw with criteria

      • One large throw


    Thus: for ribbon: both boomerang and a medium echappe are valid for the medium throws. EXAMPLE: Two medium: one CAN be boomerang, one CAN be medium echappe, and one large throw.

  4. The JOTC made a few inclusions for the JO Program to the Summary Table of Fundamental Technical Groups specific to each apparatus and Other Apparatus Technical Groups and Table of Criteria for Apparatus Combinations. In yellow now in the JO Handbook online, apologies that they were not included in the recent posting.

  5. Due to the schedule of the event in Daytona Beach (Open Champs/RG and Trampoline JR Pan AM/ RG and Tramp International Senior Invitational), Open Championships will be for Levels 5-6 this year. The Rhythmic Program Committee has approved, in the revision process of the Rules and Policies for 2014, that the inclusion of Level 4 will be decided ye

  6. Yearly based on the event organization (venue/schedule possible in 2013; not in 2014, etc).








New Pro Member Requirement.



National Gymnastics Day 9/21/13


National Gymnastics Day is tomorrow!


Show the gymnastics community how you play by posting pictures on the USA Gymnastics Facebook page!


Use your phone or computer to 'Like' the page, upload your picture, include how many people participated and join gymnasts across the country as we celebrate the sport!


Use #NGD2013 with your posts.


Visit the National Gymnastics Day website below:












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