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For administrative purposes, the United States is divided into 6 geographical regions. Each region is staffed by professional member volunteers who are elected to positions by their state or appointed by the Rhythmic Regional Administrative Committee (RRAC), according to the USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies.

The Regional Administrative Committee consists of the Administrative Chair,  active State Chairs, and the Regional Judging Coordinator.


The Regions are also represented at the national level by three Zones. Each Zone has an elected Technical and Administrative Representative who serves on the Rhythmic National Administrative Committee (RNAC).

Zone 1 includes Region 1 & 2

Zone 2 includes Region 3 & 6

Zone 3 includes Region 4 & 5.



Regional Administrative Chair

Suzi DiTullio
978-793-1935 cell

Judging Coordinator

Elena Savenkova


Connecticut State Chair

Bibiana Pinto


Massachusetts State Chair

Ionela Bobrischew


New York State Chair

Elena Savenkova


Inactive States

Maine State Chair- OPEN

Rhode Island State Chair- OPEN

Vermont State Chair- OPEN


USA Gymnastics


Safe Sport:



Rhythmic Regions:

Region 6

Region 5

Region 3

Region 2

Region 1











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